Testo is setting standards in the heating, refrigeration & air conditioning industry with state of the art digital instruments. 
Their range consists of refrigeration & vacuum gauges, refrigerant leak detectors, pressure meters, anemometer and data loggers.

Refrigeration technology
Testo prides itself on supplying state-of-the-art devices to industries around Australia. This is especially true for their refrigeration instruments, which have been servicing the industry at all levels for many years. These products provide a comprehensive overview of all facets of refrigeration, from leak testing to HVAC system efficiency measurement.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems
HVAC systems depend on ventilation to cool and heat indoor environments. Moderate fluctuations in airflow and velocity can hinder an HVAC system's efficiency, thereby increasing the costs associated with running such appliances. Testo's range of airflow and velocity instruments help HVAC technicians assess systems for potential problems. 

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Testo 115i - Clamp Thermometer Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-2115-02
Manufacturer number: 0560 2115 02
Testo 316-3 - Refrigerant leak detector
Product number: 0563-3163
Manufacturer number: 0563 3163
Testo 410i - Vane Anemometer Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-1410
Manufacturer number: 0560 1410
Testo 510i - Differential Press Meter Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-1510
Manufacturer number: 0560 1510
Testo 549i - High-pressure Gauge Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-2549-02
Manufacturer number: 0560 2549 02
Testo 550S Digital Manifold Smart w/ wireless clamp temp probes
Product number: 0564 5502
Manufacturer number: 0564 5502
Testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe Smart Probe
Product number: 0564 2552
Manufacturer number: 0564 2552
Testo 557S - Digital Manifold Smart w/ wireless vacuum and clamp probes
Product number: 0564 5571
Manufacturer number: 0564 5571
Testo 605i - Thermohygrometer Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-2605-02
Manufacturer number: 0560 2605 02
Testo 745 - Non-contact Voltage Tester
Product number: 0590 7450
Manufacturer number: 0590 7450
Testo 760-2 True-RMS Digital Multimeter
Product number: 0590-7602
Manufacturer number: 0590 7602
Testo 760-3 True-RMS Digital Multimeter
Product number: 0590 7603
Manufacturer number: 0590 7603
Testo 805i - Infra-Thermometer Smart Probe
Product number: 0560-1805
Manufacturer number: 0560 1805
Testo 915i kit - Thermometer w/ Interchangeable temp probes Smart
Product number: 0563 5915
Manufacturer number: 0563 5915
Testo Smart Probe A/C & Refrig Kit
Product number: 0563 0002 10
Manufacturer number: 0563 0002 10
Testo Smart Probes Vacuum Kit
Product number: 0563-0003-10
Manufacturer number: 0563 0003 10