A Smarter Kind of Motor for Today's Changing World. 
As a global leader in ec motor technology, Unada is solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

Fan Assemblies
  • The fanpack design that sets the benchmark for efficiency, airflow, and quiet performance. A drop-in solution for your refrigeration applications.
EC Motors
  • The only all-in-one solution for your refrigeration fan motors. A new generation of EC motor that sets the standard for features, performance and reliability.
EC Axial Fan
  • Full range of small EC axial fans to suit every application. Outstanding airflow performance with low static pressure.
AC Motors
  • Full range of efficient, durable NEMA frame motors used for a wide range of applications in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

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Unada Unada Penta 200 Fanpack
Product number: F3408
Manufacturer number: FP200E
Unada Unada UC+ D Shaft Fan Motor
Product number: F3409
Manufacturer number: FM103709AX
Unada Unada UC+ Fan Motor
Product number: F3410
Manufacturer number: FM103709M