Beijer Ref  Australia can assist you with a fully customizable range of Patton Coils for commercial and industrial applications.

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Fluid Coils
Large variety of drainable circuiting options and many different materials and thicknesses.

Steam Coil
Standard or steam distributing construction is available for both high and low pressure applications. Same or opposite end connections can be specified.

Condenser / Heat Reclaim
Condenser coils individually engineered to meet your specific requirements. Rows, circuiting, fin spacing, header requirements can all be designed and altered to ensure that the air and tube side pressure drops are limited to specific requirements.

DX (Direct Expansion)
Unique requirements such as single or twin interlaced, split face circuiting, loop back circuits can be engineered to allow precise capacity control and increased efficiency. The interlaced circuiting ensures uniform refrigerant distribution over the entire face area of the coil. Variable fin spacing ensures that no frost is built up on low temperature applications.

For more information contact your local Beijer Ref Australia branch.