Danfoss engineers technologies that empower the world of tomorrow to build a better future.

Food processing and storage solutions
Food safety has top priority among consumers today and tomorrow. Food safety in the dairy, meat, fisheries and other food industries relies on an unbroken and efficient cold chain from field to fork.
Danfoss helps bring food to consumers around the world by providing reliable, precise and efficient refrigeration systems for the food industry.

Connected food retail solutions from case to cloud
Danfoss Food Retail solutions offer high efficient refrigeration systems optimized for CO₂ refrigeration and other natural refrigerants. Danfoss components are designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system.

Smart refrigeration case control
Your refrigeration system is the natural place to look for energy efficiency gains. To unlock that potential, you need a controller, expansion valve, and high accuracy sensors that are smart enough to make the technology work together—and a system manager that can help you see and control the bigger picture.

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"AKV 10P0 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU18"
Product number: 068F5210
Manufacturer number: 068F5210
"AKV 10P1 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5211
Manufacturer number: 068F5211
"AKV 10P2 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5212
Manufacturer number: 068F5212
"AKV 10P3 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5213
Manufacturer number: 068F5213
"AKV 10P4 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5214
Manufacturer number: 068F5214
"AKV 10P5 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch Mu.18"
Product number: 068F5215
Manufacturer number: 068F5215
"AKV 10P6 Valve ODF-ODF 3/8-1/2inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5216
Manufacturer number: 068F5216
"AKV 10P7 Valve ODF-ODF 1/2-5/8inch MU.18"
Product number: 068F5217
Manufacturer number: 068F5217
"Ball Valve 1/2Sol"
Product number: 009L7022
Manufacturer number: 009L7022
"Ball Valve 5/8Sol"
Product number: 009L7023
Manufacturer number: 009L7023
"Ball Valve 7/8Sol"
Product number: 009L7025
Manufacturer number: 009L7025
"Danfoss - Ball Valve 1 3/8 ODS W/O Access (009G7027)"
Product number: 009L7027
Manufacturer number: 009L7027
"Danfoss - Ball Valve 1 5/8 ODS W/O Access (009G7028)"
Product number: 009L7028
Manufacturer number: 009L7028
"Danfoss - Ball Valve 1/4 ODS W/O Access (009G7020)"
Product number: 009L7020
Manufacturer number: 009L7020
"Danfoss - Ball Valve 2 1/8 ODS W/O Access (009G7029)"
Product number: 009L7029
Manufacturer number: 009L7029
"Danfoss - Ball Valve 3/4 ODS W/O Access (009G7024)"
Product number: 009L7024
Manufacturer number: 009L7024
"Danfoss - Bi Flow Drier 082 1/4" ODF"
Product number: 023Z1412
Manufacturer number: 023Z1412
"Danfoss - Bi Flow Drier 083 3/8" FLARE"
Product number: 023Z1411
Manufacturer number: 023Z1411
"Danfoss - Bi Flow Drier 084 1/2" ODF"
Product number: 023Z1410
Manufacturer number: 023Z1410